Marina and the Diamonds, Froot: tracklist nuovo album

Froot di Marina and the Diamonds è il nuovo album: ecco i titoli confermati

Di Alberto Graziola  

Si intitola Froot, il nuovo album di Marina and The Diamonds.

La stessa cantante, via Twitter, ha rivelato che il disco conterrà dodici tracce inedite e uscirà nel 2015. E’ il terzo lavoro dopo The Family Jewels (del 2010) ed Electra Heart (nel 2012).

Potete leggere qui sotto la tracklist delle canzoni:

1. ‘Happy’
2. ‘Froot’
3. ‘I’m a Ruin’
4. ‘Blue’
5. ‘Forget’
6. ‘Gold’
7. ‘Pin Me Down’
8. ‘Solitaire’
9. ‘Better Than That’
10. ‘Weeds’
11. ‘Savages’
12. ‘Immortal’

Ad anticipare il disco è il primo singolo omonimo Froot.

Marina & the Diamonds, Froot, lyrics

Froo-oo-oot lalalalalala
Ju-u-u-uice lalalalalala

[Verse 1]
I’ve seen seasons come and go
From winter sun to summer snow
This ain’t my first time at the rodeo

[Verse 2]
Nature ain’t a fruit machine
She’s gotta keep her credits clean
Good things come to those who wait
But I ain’t in a patient phase

[Interlude 1]
It’s summer time and I hang on a vine
They’re gonna make me into sweet red wine
Hanging around like a fruit on a tree
Waiting to be picked, come on cut me free

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Come on fill your cup up
Looking for some good luck
Good luck, good luck to you
Hanging like a fruit
Ready to be juiced
Juiced, juiced

Living la dolce vita
Life couldn’t get much sweeter
Don’t you give me a reason
That it’s not the right season
Babe, I love you a lot
I’ll give you all I’ve got
Yeah, you know that it’s true
I’ve been saving all my summers for you
I’ve been saving all my summers for you
Like froot, like froot

[Verse 3]
Baby, I am plump and ripe
I’m pinker than shepherd’s delight
Sweet like honeysuckle late at night

[Verse 4]
Leave it too long I’ll go rot
Like an apple you forgot
Birds and worms will come for me
The cycle of life is complete

[Interlude 2]
I’m your carnal flower, I’m your bloody rose
Pick my petals off and make my heart explode
I’m your deadly nightshade, I’m your cherry tree
You’re my one true love, I’m your destiny

[Pre-Chorus 2]
Come on fill your cup up
Looking for some good luck
Good luck, good luck to you
Autumn, I’ll be gone
Birds will sing their mourning song


Oh my body is ready
Yeah it’s ready, yeah it’s ready for your love
Oh my branches are heavy
Yeah they’re heavy, yeah they’re heavy


Living la dolce vita
I’m in love
Living la dolce vita
I’m in love
I’m in love

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