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Jaden Smith, Shakespeare: video ufficiale e testo

Ecco il video ufficiale di Shakespeare di Jaden Smith

9 Aprile 2013 11:55


Solo pochi giorni fa vi abbiamo mostrato il video ufficiale di “Hello” di Jaden Smith. E oggi, a breve distanza, ecco il nuovo pezzo, “Shakespeare“, dell’artista 14enne.

Il filmato è stato diretto e girato da Moises Arias, buon amico del figlio di Will Smith, tra immagini in bianco e nero, intervallate da colori accesi e intensi.

Il risultato potete vederlo qui sotto e leggere, successivamente, il testo

And I’m young and hottish
You dumb and hottish
Be soaked is hotter than the sun
I get so stupid, misfit
Now the joke is so ruthless
I don’t know where the roof is
The truth is, Jaden Smith is probably the smoothest
Making soak as Suzie
Uh, yeah they couldn’t find us
They be missing in the cutting
They pulling off in some hondas
Primadonas show us the rock and diamonds
I don’t care about diamonds
I make sure where my rhyme is
Off free with if they deny us
Pay women to assign us
I mean just keep it honest
I mean just keep it truth
You kick it and make make them useful, the lyrics
Too hot to handle like fingertips on the candle
Why you sitting on my saddle
The only name on my nano
Misfits and making scandals
You see us up on the screen, no point in changing the channel we cool
No fingerprints on my handle,
The summer in calabas is way too hot for a faddle, I know
Oh won’t you say I’m a man of people are making fun
But they should know I’m the man in this city
And I don’t plan to get pity my hands are greedy
I’m looking for some sexy needs the man to get busy way
But girl here’s my number, you can hit me up whenever
‘Cause I’m here for the summer and
Me and Manni in Miami and I really wanna poke her
But they risen up the Emmy so I’m good
I’m a pokest and just trying to win this Grammy
And you know I’m ‘bout to do it and will never have a plan B
Man these girls don’t understand me
And they don’t like the lyrics they just look at me like ,can he
But you really fly, so I think you somehow mistaken me
But you start to hate me when I really got my hand here plus I’m bout to kill
No one to Hawaii you can get a plane ticket but I really got you try
‘Cause you know I gotta put your thigh models in a ride
I can probably get ‘em all but I’m not that type of guy
Man I’m not the one that’s cheating I’m just always looking fly
And you seeing who I get it when we fell up out the sky
And I miss pretending you and I’m repping ‘til I die
So go rock the zebra ya, said the rocking zebra
Take you to a visa, go see Mona Lisa then I’m taking you to Paris
And the piramides of Giza
Girl we coolin’ in the fools I be swagged off and probably jagged off
And hope that they lie down, and just keep it in your closet
Don’t tell the whole world if you got it I’m hypnotic
I don’t hear your closet talking, looking on my way
You be watching while I’ll be slipping
To jacuzzi yeah I mean it, all mistakes that we just mean it
And I’m slipping tight a buzz kill little homie I’d be winning you a fiend ya
Huh, and I’m sorry you ain’t here, green carnival and Shakespeare
Just a few little things that I wanted to make clear
‘Cause I’m right at the top and I’m planning to stay here

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