Ibiza Opening Party 2015: tracklist compilation

Ibiza Opening Party 2015, tutte le canzoni presenti nel disco: leggi i titoli e gli interpreti su Blogo.it

E’ uscito Ibiza Opening Party 2015, un album che contiene ben 70 tracce e ha scalato, in questi giorni, la classifica degli album più venduti su iTunes.

Per l’occasione, visto l’interesse da parte del pubblico, vi abbiamo riportato la tracklist ufficiale del disco che raccoglie una serie di brani disco e house spaziando da Cafe Cape Town a Samantha Mayer.

In apertura post la cover del disco, a seguire tutti i 70 pezzi presenti nella compilation.

    1 In Love (feat. Yoc) [Robin Schulz Remix], David K (GER)

    2 Freedom (Club Mix), Fabriqu3 en France

    3 Check That Sound (Extended Mix), Samantha Mayer

    4 Can’t Feel This (Dub Mix), Balearic Kings

    5 Leave Your Cares Behind, Rude Vinyl

    6 Gonna Be (feat. Karmatone), The Fakies & DJane Thunderpussy

    7 Say What You Want, Manuel de Diego

    8 One More (Extended Mix), Antaris

    9 Bakiriba, DJ Kone & Marc Palacios

    10 New School Tribal, Dr. Kucho!

    11 Habla Con la Luna, Mario Ochoa

    12 The Sun (Beach Club Mix), Bermuda Twins

    13 Remembering Ibiza (Summer Disclosure Mix), Cheap Sunglasses

    14 Secret (feat. Pierre Piccarde) [Extended Version], lukjlite

    15 In Love (Miguel Lando Beachhouse Remix), Eddy Chrome

    16 Luv 4 Luv, Abel the Kid & Karim Haas

    17 I Don’t (Mykel Mars Club Mix), Ibiza Groove Squad

    18 Let There Be House, Eric Van Basten

    19 Barcelona City Lights (Deep House Mix), Wonderlights

    20 Here Tomorrow (House Anthem), Kiss Audio

    21 Love and Money (Deep House Mix), Ibiza Club Toys

    22 We Don’t Need (Beachhouse Mix), Michael Ruland

    23 Universal Love, Dr. Kucho! & Karim Haas

    24 Duke Visits Gorgon Island (Club Mix), Dumont City

    25 Suncream, Ripley & Jenson

    26 Tea Time (Assam Mix), Cafe Cape Town

    27 Sausage, Hans Wurst

    28 Can Not Be, Matan Caspi

    29 New York (Manhattan Mix), Big City Beat

    30 Leaving (Free Mix), Body Sound

    31 Easy Living, Disc Runners

    32 Reach You (Extended Mix), American Groove Junkies

    33 Apollo 212, José Molina

    34 You (Ibiza Dub Version), Mykel Mars & Eddy Chrome

    35 2 Faced People (Martin Cloud Remix), Amen B & Miroslav Vrlik

    36 Sci-Fi (Festival Mix), One Two Eight

    37 Funky Beat (Club Mix), Melbourne Kidz

    38 Paradise (About Berlin Mix), Paul aus Berlin

    39 Disco Star (Discohouse Mix), Prince Ringo

    40 Martin Fierro (Yorker Remix), Casa Azul

    41 Can’t Keep (Club Remix), Novaccor

    42 Pictures in Your Mind (Festival Remix), Ben Arrows

    43 Lovestorys (Tiefenschoen Rework 2015), Moxnox

    44 Erotix (Extended Version), Sfrisoo

    45 Hollywood (Cinema Mix), Veggie Beats

    46 Moonlight Party (Beachparty Mix), Made in 1978

    47 Rainbow, Sound Shakes

    48 House Party (Miami Club Mix), Party On Demand

    49 One Day (I Will Shine) [Milkbar Rockers 80’s Extended Mix], Helen Gold

    50 Get High!, Karim Haas

    51 Open Arms (Club Mix), David Caruso

    52 Sax On the Beach (Pool Bar Mix), Rimini Jones

    53 You Can (Vocal Deep House Mix), Wolkenlos

    54 Praise the Sun (Vocal Beachhouse Mix), Sounds of Summer

    55 Till Sunrise (Super 80’s Mix), Milkbar Rockers

    56 So Blue (Ibiza Mix), Deep Azur

    57 Don’t Call Me Baby (DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Remix), Kirill Slider

    58 Move With You (Club del Luna Mix), Junior Crew

    59 In My House, Abel the Kid

    60 Canberra (Extended Mix), Melbourne Bounce Project

    61 Be With Me (Sunset Club Mix), Long Island Ice Tea

    62 Breathtaking (Festival Mix), Robby Schulz

    63 Payback (Deeper Mix), French Kick

    64 Pump It 2015 (feat. Lane McCray) [Club Dub Mix], Dj Blaine

    65 Feel the Rhythm, Kris Randval

    66 The World Is Losing Faith (feat. Ann Shine) [Oscar Velasquez Remix], Bruno Kauffmann & Ludo Kaiser

    67 Keep On Movin’, Niko De Luka

    68 Reach Out for Love, Diamond Rush & Matt W

    69 Sunday Without You (Extended Mix), Kid Vibes & Mak Others

    70 Love Is Trouble (Halojumpers Vocal Mix), Tony S & Kimberley Wardle